Wine Tasting

Legal Information according to E-Commerce and Media Law

Company name: Wine from Austria Dr. Otto Schlappack

Address location: Oberarnsdorf 14, 3621 Rossatz-Arnsdorf, Austria

Tel .: +43 2714/20074, cellular phone: +43 680 301 7720


GISA, Trade Information System Austria, No. 29276486

Sales tax identification number: ATU13856406

Dr. Otto Schlappack is a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria, Tourism and Leisure Industry Division, Gastronomy Department

Wirtschaftskammer-Platz 1, AT-3100 St. Pölten, Austria

Telephone: +43 2742 851 -19611

Media owner of the website is Dr. Otto Schlappack

Dr. Otto Schlappack’s contact details are:

Address: Oberarnsdorf 14, AT-3621 Rossatz-Arnsdorf, Austria, Tel. +43 2714/20074, cellular phone: +43 680 301 77 20


Business license

Division: Tourism and leisure industry

Section: Gastronomy Department

Occupation: Catering in the buffet operating mode

Issuing authority:

District administration Krems on the Danube

Drinkweldergasse 15, 3500 Krems on the Danube, Austria

Effective date of the entitlement: January 1, 2017

GISA ( Business information system Austria ) Number: 29276486


Community: Rossatz-Arnsdorf

Address: 3621 Mitterarnsdorf, Oberarnsdorf 14

Authority according to ECG (e-commerce law): District administration Krems / Donau (Land)